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If you are looking to pursue a career as an LGV or an HGV driver, get in touch with British HGV Training Group. We are based in Cannock and also cover the surrounding areas.

Get Your HGV/LGV Licence for a Lucrative Career Change

Ever considered driving LGVs? There’s a variety of jobs available for a truck driver. Haulage is a huge industry and with a large number of people ordering what they want from the internet, there's plenty to deliver - including a fantastic career for you! Get in touch today to discover more about LGV training courses.

At British HGV Training Group we organise LGV training courses with a test at the end. We've got a high record for first time passes due to our skilled, approachable and DSA qualified instructors. We can provide the complete package and guide you through the journey of getting your licence with our high quality training courses in Cannock.


Quality Training at an Affordable Price

Many people considering a career in the haulage industry mistakenly assume that the HGV/LGV training prices are prohibitively expensive. However, when you factor in the earning potential that you can attain when you obtain your licence, the training courses run by British HGV Training Group represent excellent value for money. With state-of-the-art DAF trucks that are easy to drive and experienced instructors, obtaining your category C+E or category C licence is reasonably straightforward.

Market Leaders for Cannock HGV/LGV Class 2 Training

Although there may be other LGV/HGV training providers in Cannock, British HGV Training Group offer an unrivalled level of expertise that is the envy of similar organisations. The level of service we offer, from start to finish, marks us out as one of the UK’s leading HGV/LGV training providers and this will become evident when you get in contact us.

Category C1 Licence

The C1 which is often referred to as 7.5 tonne (weighing 3500kgs – 7500kgs) the smallest in the LGV category.

You can take a C1 course provided you have a driving license and are over 18. Recommended course length 3-4 days (4 hours per day one to one tuition). Ideal for Paramedics, delivery drivers and horsebox owners.

Drivers who passed there test prior to January 1997 will be able to drive a C1 vehicle under their existing licence entitlement, provided they have a valid CPC Driver Card (see our CPC section for details).

Category C1+E Licence

This is a Cat C1 plus a Trailer weighing more than 750kgs. The weight of the trailer when fully laden cannot weigh more than the unladen weight of the vehicle. This is a step up from C1 licence which needs to be obtained initially.

The recommended course length is 3-4 days(4 hours per day one to one tuition.

To take the Catagory C1 licence you will require a provisional LGV Cat C1 licence and to pass a Theory and Hazard perception before commencing . We can arrange all this for you.

Category C Licence

The Cat C Licence is often referred to as Class 2 or Rigid and weighs from 7500kg.

This is the most poplular HGV licence, the minimum age is 18 years to take this licence.

Recommended course length is a 5 day course (4 hours per day one to one tuition

To take the Category C licence you will require a provisional LGV Cat C licence and to pass a Theory and Hazard perception before commencing . We can arrange all this for you.

Category C+E Licence

The Category C+E licence is often referred to as Class 1 (not to be confused with C1)Driving this licence will be in either a full articulated vehicle or a draw bar (wagon and drag)

The E is the trailer and to take this you will have to have passed a Cat C Licence and be over 18 years of age.

Recommended course length is 5 days (4 hours per day one to one tuition


This is essential to have if you want a career in HGV Driving (see our CPC Section)

We also offer:

  • Theory test and hazard perception
  • Classroom courses

In addition to our HGV training courses, you can also come to British HGV Training Group for Coach and bus training courses.

For any information on any of our tests please contact us today to speak to a member of our friendly team.

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